5 Reasons to Use Steel for Mid-Rise Buildings Instead of Wood

For years, well really since the beginning of civilized time, people have used wood to construct buildings of all types. However, with the advancements in technology, materials, and building techniques, we now know that steel is much better than wood. Steel is nearly as easily accessible as wood, so why not go with the better and more sustainable option?

Here are 5 reasons to use steel for mid-rise buildings instead of wood:

Consistent Performance: A steel frame will never rot, crack, warp, split, or be eaten by termites like wood. It will also never expand or contract, because moisture cannot get inside. There are no regional variations for steel either, which means that those national standards show just how consistently better it is.

Noncombustible: Steel is noncombustible, which is a good thing when there is a fire. When you use this material for a mid-rise building, you are ensuring that the occupants can get out when a fire begins to burn. The reason for this is that the building itself will not go up in flames, just the materials that are inside.

Saves Time and Money: It is much easier to frame a building with steel instead of wood and that means the building will be completed much quicker. Money can be saved when time is saved, because the owner can begin to collect rent from occupants much sooner.

Safer During Major Events Like Hurricanes or Earthquakes: No one ever wants to think that a hurricane or earthquake will affect them or their building, but it happens all the time. Steel provides a consistent load path, so the buildings are more stable when a disaster occurs.

Environmentally Friendly: When a wood building is demolished, all that material goes straight to the junkyard. However, whenever a steel building needs to be taken down, the material can be recycled and reproduced into different products. Currently, ninety-eight percent of steel is recycled. That is a lot of waste that is not filling up the landfills.

Build with Steel with Craft Steel Works in Central Florida

While steel is a good option for mid-rise buildings, you should also know that it can be used on any type of building successfully. The pros to this material are becoming more evident all the time and numerous people are choosing to construct their homes with this sturdy and reliable option. Give us a call at 800-916-6025 to learn more about building with steel before you begin your next construction project.


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