5 Reasons You Should Build Your Next Construction Project with Steel Instead of Wood

Many catastrophes from fire to collapse show us that steel is stronger than wood construction. Wood has its place, but steel is quickly becoming the go-to material for mid-rise and high-rise construction projects. The introduction of panelized steel makes it even easier and more efficient. Now we can order steel panels that are designed to work perfectly together to reduce the costs involved in building while increasing the structural security of the building. Here are five great reasons you should use steel instead of wood for your next construction project.

  1. The Popularity of Steel: We wouldn’t normally include the popularity of a material in this type of post, but its popularity does lend credence to the number of contractors and property owners who trust steel. We, as a nation, have been building with steel since the late 1800s. Steel is now used in nearly 50% of all construction projects in the United States.
  2. Resistances: Steel isn’t entirely fireproof, but it is fire resistant. It’s also wind resistant, insect resistant, and dry rot resistant. It doesn’t absorb moisture from the air like wood does, and it doesn’t provide a home to insects that rely on rotting wood.
  3. Strength: The American Iron and Steel Institute reports that steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any material used in construction. It’s extremely strong, versatile, offers design flexibility.
  4. Low Maintenance: Every material succumbs to wear and tear in time, but steel deteriorates at a much lower rate than other materials. Wood deteriorates quickly and must be repaired or replaced if it is not properly maintained.
  5. Sustainability: The sustainability and recyclability of steel go hand-in-hand. It’s the most-recycled material in the world with more than 80 million tons of steel recycled each year. Recycling steel is great for the environment and great for the steel as well. Steel can be recycled multiple times without sacrificing integrity.

Steel Buildings in Central Florida

Steel is extremely reliable for a long-term, sustainable building solution. We understand that you must also take other factors into consideration such as federal safety standards and your geographic location. Call us, Craft Steel Works, at 800-916-6025 to discuss your steel building needs or to begin the custom order process. We’ve helped many central Florida property owners with the difficult decisions that need to be made during the order process.


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