7 Ways Your Construction Costs Will Be Lower When You Use Steel Framing for Your Next Project

There are many different materials that you can choose from when constructing a building, but did you know that you can see significant savings when you choose to use steel?

Here are 7 ways your construction costs will be lower when you use steel framing for your next project:

Higher Strength to Weight Ratio

The strength to weight ratio of a steel frame building is much higher than one that is made of wood or concrete. Since it is stronger but lighter, you can save money starting with the foundation.

Wall Panels

Using cold-formed steel wall panels is another good way to save a significant amount of money. These wall panels are easier to install, which will cut labor costs.

Shorter Project Cycles

Steel is quite predictable and accurate, so it can be put together in a shorter amount of time than any other material. The shorter time frame saves on costs as does the fact that the shorter work period shortens the construction-related liabilities.

Excellent Results During the Winter

Working with concrete during the winter can cause headaches because you need to order it already mixed and have heat available to cure it properly. Both of those things increase the costs of a project and you will not need to worry about that when working with steel.

Early Project Completion and Savings

When you finish a project sooner, you can return the rental equipment quicker or move it to the next job site faster. That allows you to see significant savings for the job you are working on.

Lower Insurance Rates

Insurance premiums are normally lower if you are working with steel and you may find that the same premium to build the same type of building out of wood could cost four times as much.

Product Durability

Steel is so durable, and you will find that it will not crack, warp, dry out, chip, split, shrink, or get damaged in any other way. Plus, termites cannot eat through it and it is resistant to other rodents.

These seven items are just some of the ways you will save money during the construction process of a steel building. Of course, an owner will see substantial savings afterwards too, because they will have significantly lower energy bills.


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