Steel buildings are one of the best investments you can make to protect your aircraft. A steel hangar will protect your airplane or helicopter from damaging winds, rain, and sun damage as well. 

The Versatility of Steel Hangars

Steel is the lightest weight, strongest, and safest material option for aircraft hangars. Steel buildings are rot resistant, fire resistant, and withstand hurricane force winds. Airplanes that are left out during a storm often end up damaged or destroyed. Protect your investment with a Craft Steel Works building that costs a fraction of the plane’s repair costs.

Customized Steel Buildings

You can customize your hangar to include a variety of areas such as a workshop for mechanical work, a lounge if you operate a small commercial business, and a variety of additional areas. Include air conditioning so you can work on your airplane in comfort while sheltered from the summer sun; the versatility and options are nearly endless. You can even connect two individual buildings to create a much larger space as needed.

Aviation is a major industry in many areas. Many pilots enjoy operating their own sightseeing business complete with air tours of popular tourist destinations or to fly custom banners against an amazing skyline. Craft Steel Works can customize your steel buildings or hangar to create the ideal work environment for your individual business model. We have a variety of building models and layouts that fit nearly every budget.

Advantages of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are an excellent investment for private and commercial pilots. Your aircraft, regardless of size, is the lifeline of your business. You deserve the opportunity to make the best investment to protect your property. Here are a few great things about steel buildings for aviation.

  • Efficiency: Craft Steel Works steel buildings are pre-engineered for ease of onsite construction. Our buildings are welded, drilled, and punched prior to leaving the warehouse to make them easier to erect. Many of the smaller buildings can be put together in a weekend without a contractor. The ease of construction potentially saves you thousands of dollars in construction and building costs.
  • Wind Rating: Steel buildings are created with durability in mind. They have to be able to withstand all Mother Nature can throw at them. Floridian pilots are very familiar with hurricane preparedness techniques and protective measures that must be made to protect small aircraft. Craft Steel Works buildings are designed to withstand winds of up to 170 miles per hour.
  • Fire Resistant: Fire is a serious threat to wooden structures and can destroy aircraft in a matter of minutes. Craft Steel Works steel aviation buildings and hangars are fire resistant and minimize the potential for loss. Many insurance companies offer a discount on your insurance premium for steel buildings over wooden buildings.
  • Rot Resistant: Rot is also a serious threat to wooden structures, especially in the humidity of summer. Steel does not rot, making it the best material to protect your aircraft for many years to come.
  • Safety and Durability: Steel is one of the strongest and most durable building materials. Aside from a natural resistance to mold, mildew, termites and other pests, and water damage, it is wind resistant as well. An investment in a steel hangar is an investment into the future of your aircraft.
  • Appearance: Last, but not least, the appearance. Steel hangars are designed with aesthetics in mind as well as other properties. They’re available in a variety of architectural designs and finishes. Customize your design and paint colors during the simple order process.

Craft Steel Works Steel Aircraft Hangar

Our ordering process is simple and our delivery is even easier. Order what you want. Customize it to meet your individual needs. We deliver and erect the building when it is ready and convenient for you. Call Craft Steel Works at 800-916-6025 to discuss your steel building needs.

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