Cool the Interior of Your Steel Building with These Great Tips


When people look at steel buildings, they might get the idea that these buildings are too hot to live or work in comfortably. That might be the case if there weren’t ways to manage the internal temperatures of these buildings. This is even more important during the hot days of summer, and it is possible to do this without getting exorbitant electricity bills.

Install a Ventilation System

Proper ventilation is important in any building, regardless of size of purpose. Good airflow keeps heat and condensation from settling. The size and type of building will influence the type of ventilation system chosen. A commercial building will have different requirements from a residential building so you should keep this in mind when looking for the right type. Mechanical ventilation systems are known to consume a lot of energy and increase overall costs. Install eave and ridge vents to maximize air movement under the roof and keep the interior temperature down on hot days.

Use a Metal Roof

It is not always the case that metal buildings have roofs made from the same material. If you are thinking about using a different type of material, this could be a mistake for more than one reason. Aside from maintenance and durability considerations, you can finish a metal roof so that it reflects heat to lead to a cooler interior. Now there is a wider range of these products available for finishing a metal roof so that it reflects heat.

Add Insulation

This is an excellent and cost-effective way to manage internal building temperatures. Insulation controls both heat transfer and condensation, and it can help to make the interior of the building quieter. You have different options for covering the insulation to give the walls a finished look. One way is to use liner panels, but you can also use drywall to cover insulation material. Good material choices for insulating a metal building are sprayed polyurethane foam, fiberglass batts, cotton batts and high-performance fiberglass batts. Pay attention to the r-value to ensure that you get the correct insulation for your building.

Use all three methods if you want to achieve maximum comfort and interior cooling. Whether your steel building is commercial or residential, you will want to do your best to keep your costs down. No matter how much external temperatures rise, your building will be able to handle it.

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