Customize Your Metal Hangar Based on the Size of Your Aircraft

Before you buy an airplane, you need to start thinking about how you will take care of it. Aside from regular maintenance, one of the most important concerns is where tit will be stored. You need to keep the vehicle safe from harsh weather conditions, and from anyone who would tamper with it. Custom metal hangars can protect airplanes, and they provide other benefits as well.

Why build Your Own Hangar

Many aircraft owners rent hangars on a monthly basis. While this solution can work for many, getting a custom-built hangar offers more advantages such as:

  • You can get the exact size you need to accommodate your aircraft and leave room for other equipment you own.
  • If you rent a hangar you may be forced to share space with other airplane owners. This increases the chances of collisions which can damage your plane. You also never have to jostle to find the right spot for your plane.
  • With a custom hangar you can have peace of mind knowing that no one else has access.

Getting a Custom Hangar

Hangars can be made in different shapes and sizes so you can take your time finding the right type. Key points to pay attention to when getting a custom hangar are:

  • The size of the site where the hangar will be located
  • The type of aircraft you own
  • Whether you need nose or tail entry
  • The amount of workshop space you will need, and whether you will need an upper floor
  • The possibility of buying another plane or replacing the one you own with a larger one

One thing to remember is that there are industry recommendations for hangar size based on the type of aircraft you want to store.

Typically, hangar rentals range between $50 and $300 per month, although this can go higher depending on size. In addition to the size of the hangar, think about the size and the type of doors you want. Bi-fold and sliding are two of the most commonly used types, but you may need a different type for your plane.

Airports have different types of lease agreements for people who have their own hangars. Take some time to research this before choosing a site. While building your own hangar might seem expensive, it gives you more control over the way it is used and you will not have to pay rent.


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