Customize Your Steel Building with an Office or Living Quarters

One of the benefits of a steel building is the ease of customizability. Even after the building is finished, you can make modifications to improve functionality or comfort. If you want to add an office or living quarters to your building, the following tips should be helpful.

  1. Check the building codes. Some of the building codes that are relevant to steel buildings do not apply to traditional structures. Before constructing or making modifications to a steel building, you must understand these requirements.
  2. Choose a contractor. Many contractors have little or no experience working on steel buildings. If you want to add living quarters or an office space, it is best to consult the contractor who worked on the project. If this is not possible, you will need someone who has worked with this material previously, and who has the appropriate licenses.
  3. Talk to a designer. You must conceptualize the size, location and the look of this addition to your steel building. The original designer can make changes to the plan to accommodate your needs. If you choose to work with a new designer, there must be an evaluation of the structure, and the original plans should be provided.
  4. Personalize the space. Whether it is a new office, or additional living space, you should think about the features and the finishes. Will you install flooring or a carpet? The wall finish and the color scheme are other points to consider.
  5. Will you add on? To create a new space, you can either add on to the building or rework the existing floor plan and add a new interior wall. You choice will depend not just on your specific needs, but also your budget and the amount of time you have.

Be mindful of the location of columns when looking for the ideal spot. Columns must never be cut, so you will have to work around them to create the new space. If you are adding to the building along a sidewall, the new room should be positioned between the columns.

You should also make plans to upgrade the HVAC system to accommodate the additional square footage. Think about whether the addition will match the roof of the original structure or if it will be lower. If you add to the building to create an office space or living area, be sure to add insulation similar to that used throughout the structure.


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