Design a Steel Building for Your Agriculture Business in Central Florida

The agriculture business is alive and well here in central Florida. Hurricane Irma did some damage to several areas, but we’re bouncing back stronger than ever. We’ve seen several damaged wood-built buildings and barns replaced with steel buildings, and we can easily understand why. A steel building can withstand much higher winds than their wood counterparts. Here are several thinking points to consider when you’re considering building with steel.

Machine Storage

Every agricultural business worth its weight has machinery that helps it function. You may have a variety of tractors, bush hogs, mowers, and other vehicles to help keep the operation running smoothly. You already know that you have to take good care of your machinery or it will wear out quickly and be of no use. A steel building will help protect that investment.

Tool Storage

If you have machines and equipment, you also have tools. You may need to store things like extra fencing and the tools required to keep the fences maintained. All types of tools used on your farm need to be protected, and a steel building is the perfect choice.

Hay Storage

Livestock needs feed and bedding, and hay is generally a popular choice for both. Molded hay can make your animals sick, so it’s extremely important to keep it dry. A steel building can be modified to include a loft to keep the hay off the ground, dry, and ready for use as needed.

Produce Storage

Many central Florida farmers grow citrus fruit and need proper storage. Whether you’re protecting crops of fruit, vegetables, or something else, you need a sturdy, dry place for it.

Livestock Protection

Livestock farmers in Florida have all types of livestock from pigs and chickens to cows and horses, and everything in between. The safety and wellbeing of those animals is entirely the responsibility of the farmer. We do what we can to help choose the best options for protection when you purchase a steel building from us.

Steel Buildings in Central Florida

Call us, Craft Steel Works, at 800-916-6025 to discuss your steel building needs or to begin the custom order process. We’ve helped many central Florida property owners with the difficult decisions that need to be made during the order process.


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