Frame the Interior Walls of Your Steel Building with Wood

When you hear the term ‘steel building’ it is easy to think of a structure that is completely made of metal. Like any other type of structure, you are not limited in the way you want to finish the interior. Many owners of steel buildings finish their walls with wood to give it a more natural look. Framing the steel building with wood is another way to use this material.

Using Wood Framing

Framing a steel building with wood might seem unusual given the fact that steel is a much stronger material. However, it is the natural strength of steel that makes this possible. Unlike traditional buildings, steel buildings do not need load bearing walls. These buildings can have large spans without the need for internal support columns. This means that the building itself can act as a shell, allowing you the flexibility to use any type of framing you prefer. You can add as many internal walls as you need to set up the design of the interior.

With wood framing you get the best of both worlds; the strength of steel and the beauty of wood. It is important to seek approval for the local building authorities before starting this project. Some municipalities do not allow steel buildings to be used in certain areas. They may be allowed with some restrictions in place. The homeowners’ association in your area could be another hurdle to clear if you want to erect a steel building. Restrictions are sometimes waived if you make the exterior look more like that of a traditional structure. This will mean using panels with wood or stone patterns on the exterior. The benefits of wood framing include:

  • Wood is a natural insulator, so it promotes energy efficiency.
  • You can save money on construction by opting for wood framing instead of steel
  • Wood gives the interior of the building an attractive look
  • Adding partitions makes the building more functional as you can divide up the space for different purposes

Talk to your contractor about your framing options. If you choose wood framing, this will mean adding maintenance to your schedule. Rot, mold growth and insect infestation are issues you have to be aware of if you use this material in your steel building. Taking care of the wood framing will extend the life of the entire building.


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