How the Flexibility of Steel Has Impacted the Building Industry

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Anyone who is planning to buy a building or to make one from the ground up will want one that has an attractive look. One of the shortfalls of early steel structures was the plain design that lacked eye-catching features. The strength of the material ensured their continued use in construction, but over time new ways were developed to make them more flexible and easily shaped.

A Range of Designs

This is a strong and durable material, but it does not limit the ability of architects to come up with creative designs. Some buildings such as warehouses and airplane hangars require long spans. Curves and flares are attractive features that would not be possible if not for the flexibility of the material. The ultimate goal is to utilize this material in such a way that the building has an attractive design that does not hamper functionality.

A Variety of Applications

The flexibility of the material makes it a viable option for any type of industrial application. Doors can be made wide enough to accommodate large vehicles or machinery. Sections of the building can be designed to withstand various types of stress without damage. This type of flexibility is also evident in the use of steel support cables, heavy duty springs, and bridges.

Direct Benefits

Steel flexibility translates to direct benefits for building owners and users, and it continues to pay off for the life of the structure. A building can be custom designed for security stability and most importantly, comfort. At any point, you can reconfigure the structure for expansion or to meet changing needs. Additionally, the material is so easy to work with that modifications can be undertaken with less inconvenience and interruption of daily activities. Making changes to traditional buildings typically produces dust, and creates more material for landfills. Therefore, steel’s flexibility has a direct environmental impact as well.

Steel building manufacturers use different methods to shape steel to suit the specifications of a particular project. This may involve changes to the chemical composition of the material to bend it to a particular shape. Some steel building manufacturers have designers on staff to assist with the planning stages for the structure. This is helpful to anyone who wants to see a 3D representation of the building before construction begins.

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