Keep a Cool Head in Your Steel Building in Central Florida

Working in a steel building does not mean that you will find yourself sweating throughout the day in moderate to high temperatures. There are many things that you can control inside your building so that you can stay cool and productive.

Here are 5 tips that will help you keep a cool head inside your steel building:

Install a cool metal roof

A roof that heats up to almost two hundred degrees can be a thing of your past if you decide to install a cool metal roof. A cool metal roof has a light color as well as a reflective coating that deflects the sun’s rays back out into the atmosphere. That means that your roof will not heat up and neither will your steel building.

Improve your insulation

Ensuring that you have adequate insulation installed in your steel building is a must, whether you have an older or newer building. You may be tempted to cut corners when it comes to the insulation, but during the warmer months of the year, you would not be happy with that decision. The reason for that is the more insulation you have; the more heat that will be blocked from entering your building.

Utilize ventilation

Ventilation can be something as simple as opening your windows during the cooler parts of the day or night or something more advanced like attic ventilation. An attic ventilation system will vent any hot air that creeps into the space back to the outdoors instead of allowing it to continue flowing down into your building.

Add awnings

Adding awnings or other overhangs around windows and doors will keep the sun from shining as brightly in them. If you can keep the amount of sun to a minimum, you will drastically decrease the heat that comes with it on the inside of your steel building.

Utilize landscaping

Planting trees or shrubs near your steel building will also help keep it cool during those hot summer days, because the sun will not be able to heat up those areas of your building.

Roof Installation for Your Steel Building in Florida

We can’t help you with the summertime heat when you are outdoors, but we can make sure that the inside of your steel building stays nice and cool. We recommend that you utilize all five tips from above, so that you never have to sweat from the heat like you do for an approaching work deadline.

Call us, Craft Steel Works, at 800-916-6025 to discuss your steel building needs or to begin the custom order process. We’ve helped many central Florida property owners with the difficult decisions that need to be made during the order process.


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