Protect Your Metal Garage from Thieves with these Tips


If you are like many people, you keep a ton of valuable items inside your garage. We’re talking lawnmowers, bicycles, kayaks, vehicles, four wheelers, tools, and maybe even important papers. All this stuff is what a thief is looking for and you need to take precautions to keep these thieves out of your metal garage and keep your things safe and secure.

Here are 5 tips to protect your metal garage from thieves and keep your things safe:

Keep Valuables Inside

First off, any important paperwork or anything of true value like that (think computers, cameras, flash drives) should be kept inside your home. None of these items should be stored inside your garage. By keeping these items inside your home, you are making it harder for a thief to reach them.

Keep Your Door Closed

We all get busy and think that it is no big deal to leave our garage door open as we run down the street to a neighbor’s house or the neighborhood store. However, leaving your garage door open for a few minutes can be a disaster as things can be stolen or someone can realize that your garage is not always secure.

Know Where Your Remote is

This may sound silly, but you should always know where your garage door remote is. You should never leave it laying on the front seat of your unlocked car when you are not home, because someone can easily open your garage door that way. If you cannot find it or do not know where it is, you are going to want to disable the remote, so that it will not work until you find it.

Cover Your Windows

We understand that you installed windows in your garage for the light, but these windows are letting thieves look in to see what you have in there. If you don’t want to cover them, we recommend adding a frosting to them to make them more difficult to see through. Another option is to add a layer to the outside of the window that will not allow people to see in, but will allow you to see out.

Add an Alarm

There is nothing wrong with adding an alarm to your garage, so that you can be alerted if someone breaks in. You can choose to have one go off if someone breaks in, which could scare them off, or you can choose a silent alarm if someone opens the door that shouldn’t.

These are only some of the ways that you can keep your metal garage safe from thieves. Try to be aware of your surroundings and make a note if you see anyone lurking around that you do not know. Then keep your garage door closed and locked unless you are in it. Call us at 800-916-6025 to discuss building with steel in central Florida. We’ll help you choose the best design and options that fit your needs.


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