Reduce Your Commercial Property Insurance Costs by Building with Steel

Steel is an extremely popular building material in central Florida for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t allow much movement and it’s proven to be exceptional against tropical storms and hurricanes. But something that a lot of property owners don’t realize until they’re purchasing insurance is that building with steel also comes with insurance perks.

Every twenty seconds firefighters somewhere in the United States are responding to a fire. That means that during the average half-hour lunch break, somewhere in the United States firefighters are being called out to 90 fires. Wood structures and those built with combustible materials have almost no chance against fire. Steel construction with gypsum board and drywall, on the other hand, has a much higher chance of still standing by the time firefighters put out the fire.

Property Insurance Perks with Steel Construction

  • Noncombustible: Fire needs three things to survive – fuel, oxygen, and heat. Steel is not a fuel source for fire, so one side of the fire triangle is immediately removed.
  • Low Temperatures: The melting point of steel is roughly 2,700 degrees. The average building fire is 1,000 degrees and may rarely reach 1,800 degrees. The average building fire is not hot enough to melt steel.
  • Lowered Risk to Occupants: Today’s fire-resistant building materials make it much more likely that occupants will be able to exit the building in the event of a fire.

These three facts are a large part of the reason insurance premiums are much less for property owners who choose steel construction. It makes perfect sense when you think about it – steel can’t burn and it melts at temperatures far higher than the average building fire can burn. Any property owner who chooses to build using steel and other materials with a high fire rating can look forward to lower build costs and lower insurance premiums. It’s a win/win.

Call us, Craft Steel Works, at 800-916-6025 to discuss your ideas for building with steel. We’ve helped many commercial property owners develop, design, and build multi-story buildings that can withstand central Florida’s hurricanes and fire as well. We’ll help you make plans for your project using steel construction and ensure that they are implemented flawlessly.


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