Steel is the Best Way to Go Green While Maintaining a Strenuous Building Schedule


Recycling is a growing trend in many industries and areas of life these days. Many property owners are looking for new ways to decrease their carbon footprint. This is also possible while construction is ongoing. If you have already made the decision to build with steel, you have made the first step towards a greener construction project.

Recycled Steel

Many people do not know that most of the steel used in construction and manufacturing is actually recycled. Unlike wood, which is discarded when it reaches the end of its life, steel can be used over and over again. More importantly, it does not weaken not matter how many times it is reused. That means you can build with this recycled material without any concern about the integrity of the structure.

Scheduling Benefits

The average construction project usually has a tight schedule, with very little room for delays. These can increase costs and lead to losses for both the contractor and client. Steel buildings are designed according to detailed specifications. Every detail is worked out before the construction process starts, and it is rare for any changes to be made. Using this environmentally friendly material helps in meeting project deadlines. When working with wood or concrete, more labor is needed to handle specific tasks related to the project, such as cutting or mixing of mortar. Many secondary tasks are eliminated in steel building construction. Traditional building construction is also dependent on the delivery of different materials to keep the work moving. One late delivery can affect the entire process.

The ability to assemble steel buildings onsite and the fact that no pieces are left over makes this the ideal material for a green building project. Since there are fewer elements to keep track of, this leads to greater efficiency and time management. Materials delivered to construction sites can sometimes be defective, for example wood may be warped or cracked. Steel components are created with precision, and no piece with imperfections will be delivered to a site.

All of these factors show that building with steel can play a vital role in construction scheduling. Even customized steel buildings typically take less time to erect than other buildings of comparable size. Since no construction project can afford scheduling delays, steel should always be considered. Aside from helping to meet the project deadline, it also addresses some environmental concerns.


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