The Structural Shapes That Help to Add Strength to Steel Buildings

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Although they have been used for decades, steel buildings have benefited from design and technological improvements in recent times. The techniques used to create custom buildings have been refined, and the process focuses on aesthetics in addition to efficiency and functionality. Over the years a number of shapes and beams have been developed to make these buildings even stronger. Here is a look at some of the structural shapes that give life to the various designs and provide vital support to even the largest structures.

  1. T-beam – this is also called a tee beam, and as the name suggests it is shaped like the letter T. This is used in sections of the building where load bearing is needed, so it provides support for an additional floor or a roof.
  2. I-Beam – this is also called an H-beam as it is made up of two horizontal pieces with a vertical section in the middle. It is used in sections where the building design calls for bending as outlined in the design plans.
  3. Bearing pile – this also has an H shape, and it is used to form part of the building’s foundation. They are ideal for dense soil and foundations that go deep.
  4. Channel – this has a C shape, and initially it was commonly associated with bridges. Nowadays it is increasingly being used in building applications.
  5. Angle beam – this beam is generally utilized as part of the building’s floor system. It helps to give stability to the flooring and to control the structural depth of the building.
  6. Steel pipes – these are most common in structures where there is a need to move water, oil or gas. They are also utilized in a variety of projects.
  7. Hollow steel section – these come in different shapes, depending on the specific needs of each project. This gives builders more flexibility in terms of dealing with load bearing needs. Some of the possible shapes are elliptical, circular or square. They are especially important for customizing the building to meet a buyer’s specific needs.

The number of these structures that go into your steel building will depend on factors such as its size, the design and its ultimate purpose. The presence of these beams and shapes will not restrict your ability to make changes, or to expand the building.

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