Understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of Building with Steel


While the interest in steel building continues to grow, it is clear that those involved in the construction sector, and prospective building owners need to learn more. While the material offers a host of advantages, this does not mean that it is ideal for every project or individual needs. It may be worthwhile to consider a few other options, even if the eventual outcome is to choose steel.

Building with Steel

When some people think of steel in construction, high rise buildings come to mind. This is understandable, but this material is utilized in a variety of commercial applications such as airplane hangars, garages and factories. It is now widely used for smaller scale projects as well, including residences, storage units and offices. After the drawings are complete and all the specifications are in place, the building is fabricated in sections. These are then put together at the prepared site.

The Advantages

The benefits of using steel in construction projects include:

  • The material is lighter than wood or concrete products of similar size but much stronger.
  • Steel will not burn in a fire and has a high melting point. It is usually coated in flame retardant material when used in construction.
  • Steel will not rot, and it will not attract insects that can damage wooden buildings.
  • It holds up well to heavy winds, and there is faster recovery in cases of flooding as it is moisture resistant.

The Disadvantages

Some of the reasons why this may not be the best option for your project are:

  • Unlike with other projects, it is more difficult to make alterations while on site. Steel buildings rely on precise measurements, so unexpected occurrences will be more difficult to respond to, leading to delays.
  • Steel buildings require adequate insulation to account for the thermal conductivity of the material. This means that heat can be lost through the steel studs, lowering efficiency.
  • A number of additional components and materials are required to finish steel buildings. These include drywall, insulation, and other additional elements to complete the look. This may lengthen the timeframe of the project.

While steel is popular for a variety of reasons, it is still a decision that must be weighed against other options. Discussions with a steel building manufacturer, and contractor experienced in working with this material will be helpful. Call us at 800-916-6025 to discuss building with steel in central Florida. We’ll help you choose the best design and options that fit your needs.


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