Why Building a Steel Building Contributes to a Healthier Environment

Environmental consciousness is a smart business decision as customers and clients will respond to this approach. In addition to steps like using alternative energy sources and water recycling, choosing a steel structure is another way to lower the carbon footprint. Reconfiguration of steel buildings has almost no environmental impact. Any material that is removed can be recycled for other projects, so nothing ends up in the landfill. Steel is the most recycled material, and very little virgin steel is utilized in building projects.

Steel Recycling

Steel is a big money saver for the overall economy and for the steel industry in particular. Roughly 65% of steel in the USA is made from recycled material. Worldwide, almost 90% of all steel that is produced comes from recycled material. This process uses far less energy, and this reduction in consumption is a boon to the environment. The energy saved from steel recycling can be used to serve millions of homes. The process of steel recycling requires roughly 25% of the energy required for new steel production. Consider the many tons of steel utilized for buildings and for other purposes such as food packaging and you will see why reusing this material is so beneficial.

Much of the steel that is recycled coms from scrap metal collected from various sources. A ton of scrap metal can conserve almost the same amount of iron ore. The metallurgical properties of this material allow it to be recycled over and over. There will be no decline in strength even if the end product changes repeatedly.

Metal scrap sources are typically identified in three ways, namely, prompt scrap, home scrap and obsolete scrap. Prompt scrap is material left over from the manufacturing of products using steel. Home scrap comes directly from the steel mill. Obsolete scrap is taken from items that have been discarded because they are no longer useful.

To further underscore the recycling potential of this material, it should be noted that even the dust or sludge from the manufacturing process can be collected and reused. Given the high rate of steel recycling, it is possible that the process may become even more efficient in the coming years. Currently automobiles have a recycling rate of roughly 92%, while steel packaging has a rate of roughly 72%. Combined with the energy savings, and the decreased impact of mining operations, it is easy to see how steel buildings represent environmental awareness.

Steel Buildings in Central Florida

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