Why Using Metal Wall Panels in Your Steel Building is a Good Idea


A steel building can be a massive structure, but even the largest buildings are made up of much smaller components. After all the structural elements are in place, it is time to start thinking about the finishing. The wall panels serve the purpose of completing the look, and they help to shift loads to the building frame. Metal wall panels are superior to brick, concrete, wood and other types of material. The demands placed on wall panels include:

  • Creating a barrier to moisture and air
  • Allowing thermal movement
  • Fire resistance
  • High wind load
  • Seismic load
  • Flatness
  • Effective insulation
  • Sound transmission

Reasons to Use Metal Wall Panels

In addition to those benefits of using metal wall panels, there are other good reasons to use them to finish your building.

  • Metal wall panels take less time to install than mortar walls, and they are also lighter. You will be able to keep your construction costs low and enjoy long term stability. Unlike concrete, metal wall panels will not crack due to seismic activity. It is easier and less time consuming to carry out repairs if there is damage.
  • Steel is a highly sustainable construction material since much of it comes from recycled products as opposed to virgin steel. This is ideal for companies that have a commitment to environmentally friendly operations.
  • Due to high standards in the manufacturing process there is no deviation in the size, thickness and weight of wall panels for a single project. After installation, the panels will show a uniform look throughout, providing a properly finished look.
  • Combined with the right insulation and coating, metal wall panels can help a business to reap energy efficiency benefits as well. There will be less pressure on the HVAC system as it will be easier to maintain the internal temperature, leading to cost savings.
  • One of the advantages of metal wall panels is their availability in a variety of textures and colors. This will cut construction costs since you will not need to pay for finishing work.
  • The fact that these panels require little to no maintenance means that your costs will be lower in the long term. Add to that the lower initial construction costs and it is clear that these panels can benefit any type of business setting up a metal structure.

With additional advantages like mold and rot resistance, and fire resistance, metal wall panels are often recommended more often than wood and concrete. They can also be used in renovation jobs or retrofitted to cover existing walls. Give us a call at 800-916-6025 to learn more about building with steel before you begin your next construction project.


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